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Enfield's Lakeside Park

We are Enfield's very own cable access TV station!  ETV has been on the air since 2008, providing 24/7 coverage of local events, sports, weather, and any other programming that our community brings to our attention.  We are a self-funding non profit organization; we do not receive any money from the Town of Enfield (that includes taxes), our funding comes from the cable contract the Town has with Comcast, that provides a surcharge to cable subscribers if there is a community cable access channel.  In fact, the major portion of that surcharge goes into the Town budget to defray other costs incurred by the Town.  We are happy to help keep the taxes low for the residents of our town, and we are grateful that we can be of service to the community, it's the New Hampshire way!

Anyone can get involved in ETV, we have cameras available for check out if you know of an event that you want recorded and aired.  You will receive instruction on use and handling, and you will be ready to go.  Our studio is conveniently located at 56 Main Street, Suite 302, in the Copeland Block Building, downtown Enfield.  

ETV's daily operations are overseen by Jim Bonner, Executive Director.  Jim is supported by the Board of Directors comprised of:

Curtis Payne, President, (603) 667-6327 cell; email: [email protected]

Steve Schneider, Vice President

Dan Kiley, Secretary

Bob Cusick, Board member

Becky Powell, Board member

Our mission is to provide excellent coverage of local meetings, events, and other newsworthy items, as well as entertaining and informative programming.  We do not sponsor or support any political point of view, however, we can air programs that have political content as long as we provide equal opportunity for airing any opposing points of view.

We do not advertise, solicit or endorse commercial entities.  We do support local nonprofit organizations.